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2008-08-10 14:36:32 by hesopchoie

Ok, before you guys decide to review my reviews [respond], remember that I am going to find something wrong with everything. You can always improve. If you decide to respond then please dont say NUH UH thats not true. If you are lame. Also, when you review my music please do not say stupid stuff like. This made my ears bleed and then give me a zero. I only believe that a song deserves a zero if it a bunch of shit rolled into pill of notes and spit out onto newgrounds. [thats not my music by the way]. Thank you.

Music making

2008-07-07 14:22:48 by hesopchoie

I finaly got it. WOOT WOOT. FL studio is mine. Time to create music for Newgrounds. If you have any suggestions for me, I would definatly like to hear them. my first song should be up soon. It is going through the moderation phase.